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AudaAudit2: Automated Assessment Auditing Tool

AudaAudit2 is a rules and contractual rates management tool that allows work providers to manage business requirements relating to electronic auditing of assessments in a proactive manner. It ensures consistency in assessment content, speeds the approval process and provides efficiency savings.

The solution has been designed to support work providers in auditing assessments consistent with their own internal processes and business workflows. AudaAudit2 encompasses two key service applications:

A business process management and configuration tool which manages the rules, rates and routing of claims, based upon business channel schemes.

An independently deployable Site Manager tool to manage a work provider’s approved repair network and the associated information for individual sites and companies. AudaAudit2 utilises Site Manager to define which repairers belong to schemes and approved networks.


  • Centralised capabilities. Audatex assessments are automatically reviewed against your pre-determined rules, rates and other criteria. Rules are easy to define and maintain.
  • Streamlined review process. AudaAudit2 automatically checks for completion of required fields and applies set business rules to define audit status of auto-authorisation, pass, warning or fail
  • Automated authorisation. Assuming pre-set criteria have been met, assessments can be auto-authorised requiring no further intervention. The repairer also automatically receives an Authority Note to proceed.
  • Electronic notification. Automated mails are generated to inform both work provider and repairer of audit status of the assessment. Emails can be configured to explain the assessment status and include any changes or further validation required to enable authorisation.
  • Increased control.The addition of Site Manager provides a fast and effective means of managing and communicating the information relating to your own repair network. Together the two solutions support the way in which contracted working rates are agreed and how repairer networks are managed.



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