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Manufacturers' Price Dates

Update process:
In the UK we have arrangements in place with each vehicle manufacturer and/or their representatives to receive part price updates in line with franchised dealer updates.  Part price updates are implemented as and when received, but are subject to their effective date i.e. we do not update prices before they become effective. This ensures that all online users should see the new prices reflected in the system at the same time as any dealer would in their DMS. Offline users are updated with new part prices on a monthly basis, together with model updates. There is therefore, the potential for offline and online calculations to differ.

Error handling: 

Service levels for error correction depend on the error type/responsibility, and when the error is reported within any given update cycle. 

Error type Responsibility Service level
Database parts
Incorrect part number UK 1 week
Incorrect part price UK 1 week
Incorrect text translation UK 1 week
Incorrect part records International Min 2 weeks, max 6 weeks
Missing part records International Min 2 weeks, max 6 weeks
Incorrect German text International Min 2 weeks, max 6 weeks
Vehicle options International Min 2 weeks, max 6 weeks

Update frequency:

Vehicle manufacturers update their part prices at different intervals and at different times, typically monthly, quarterly, or annually, but can and do implement additional part price updates and/or miss some out as and when required. The process of maintaining and updating parts prices is therefore an ongoing exercise.



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