AudaVIN+ is an addition to the current AudaEnterpriseGold model search facility, and uses vehicle manufacturers’ data to instantly identify factory fitted options to enhance the accuracy of assessments and reduce repair cycle times.

The tool also offers graphics showing pre-selected model options to help VDAs improve efficiency. AudaVIN+ is available to all users with the latest release of AudaEnterpriseGold, version 3.8 at £1.30 per search.

A single mistake at the assessment stage can have costly consequences.

AudaVIN+ is designed for use by collision repair estimators and insurance appraisers to speed up the vehicle / model selection process and instantly identify factory fitted options, for 24 leading manufacturers.

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Includes manufacturers
paint codes

Reduces repair
cycle times

Complete vehicle

Part of

Speeds up model
selection process

Includes 24 leading

Makes estimates
more accurate

3D graphics