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Driving smarter claims processing

Audatarget leverages the power of data to predict next best actions in the motor claims workflow.

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Gain greater operational efficiencies, cost control and a superior customer experience.

Normalised scoring: Using the relationship between actual and predicted costs any repair, large or small, can be given a percentage score – either over or under the expected value of 100%. This enables accurate repairer performance comparisons and drives optimised repair routing.


AudaTarget features

MI/BI Analytics and Reporting

Access web-based analytics and performance management to evaluate repairer and assessor performance.

Insights delivered

Insights delivered to support better shop assignment.

Ad-hoc reporting

Ad-hoc reporting and analysis using Pentaho

Repair allocation dashboards

Repair allocation dashboards for use with RAM

Repairer and Assessor dashboards

Insight through dashboards for both repairers and assessors.

Bespoke reporting

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

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