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Managment information for bodyshops

Audaview is a valuable management information service exclusively for our Bodyshop customers. It provides monthly snapshots of your business performance using data created from assessments processed through Audaenterprisegold.

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Audaview provides a detailed level of information in structured reports delivered to you each month by email. These provide a clear view of valuable business data, exclusive to your business, such as KPIs (key performance indicators), performance against industry benchmarks, estimating efficiency and assessment data by business channel. This data can also be saved and used for additional analysis.


Helping you identify training and development needs in repair assessments

Audaview complements Audaintel, a full web-based business intelligence service providing daily assessment data updates.

Benefits at a glance

  • Helps you make more informed decisions about what your business needs to improve.
  • Alongside highlighting areas for improvement, Audaview shows the things you are doing well, which you can then utilised in sales and marketing.
  • Offered in three different packages:
    • Audaview Bronze – this service provides you with national industry benchmark data, plus a monthly breakdown of your bodyshop assessment data by site.
    • Audaview Silver – this service provides the same as the Bronze package, plus a monthly breakdown of your bodyshop assessment data by work provider and vehicle manufacturer.
    • Audaview Gold – in addition to providing the same as the Siler package, this service provides a monthly breakdown of jobs by Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA)
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AudaView features

Proactive insight into your business performance

Monitor your business performance.

Tailored packages

Packages tailored for your type and size of business, depending on your needs.

Save time

Saves time in having to pull all this data together yourself.

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