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Supporting safe working practices - See a vehicles condition before it arrives on site

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Empowered Customers & technicians Driven By The Latest Technology

Audatex Image Capture puts the power of image damage capture into your customers' and VDAs hands, all integrated to Audaenterprisegold

Does your business struggle to triage claims, with damaged cars turning up on site regardless of if/or when they will be repaired? Do you sometimes miss an image in repair, that you need to show vital operations have been completed? Introducing Audatex Image Capture


So how does it work?

Watch our short video for a quick demo of Image Capture in action. This video shows you both the bodyshop user and end customer view. In Repair Image Capture uses the same interface built for use on a tablet and instructs the user to capture as many Ad Hoc repair images as required.

  • Before Audatex Image Capture, my team had no way of knowing if a vehicle was repairable unless it was right in front of them. If the customer wasn’t onsite, we had to send out a member of the team taking them away from the shop and costing us time and money.

    Russ Adlem Operations Manager, Caversham Coachworks Ltd

  • Image capture is on average saving me from driving 600+miles plus a week! For a £2 transaction fee it is saving us significant time and money through loss of labour hours and fuel costs. It also means I am onsite more so can provide the support needed to my team.


  • “We are currently receiving responses to more than 80% of the requests we send, usually within a couple of hours of the message going out. On average we are getting around 10 really high-resolution images back from each customer. The images are so clear, and because the guidance the customer gets is so effective, we can prepare estimates from the pictures we receive, usually within a four-hour time frame. Previously this stage of the process could take anywhere between three to four days. It is allowing us to process estimates and receive authorisation before the car is brought on site.”

    Jay Ali, Group Operations Manager, Alton Cars

  • “There are clear benefits of using Bodyshop Image Capture. We no longer have to send team members out to undertake estimates, and we have fewer visits to the body shop, which is safer for everyone and generates a cost-saving.

    Amanda Stockley Director at Bodytec (UK) Ltd.

  • "Without doubt, using Audatex Image Capture can reduce the key to key time and the entire cycle time of the repair job. It’s had such a positive impact on our business, improving all-round efficiency while at the same time reducing costs for all parties and enhancing the all-important customer journey from the outset."


A picture paints a thousand words

Image Capture enables bodyshops to see images of a vehicles condition before it arrives and throughout a repair. With Image Capture you can send your customers a customisable SMS request for images of their vehicle’s condition, via their smartphone. Customers are guided by an intuitive online process to capture images, with no download required. Upon return of images the bodyshop can instantly access the photos provided via Audaenterprisegold. To begin triage immediately with increased accuracy. Image Capture can also be used In Repair in the workshop via your smart phone or tablet, to ensure all the required images are captured throughout the repair for every operation.

Benefits at a glance

With Image Capture, we deliver the level of self-service and control that many drivers now prefer during the repair experience and ensure that bodyshops are equipped with the latest technologies and information they require to deliver superior service.

  • Seamless Integration with Audaenterprisegold
  • Unlimited Image transfer to Audaenterprisegold
  • Increase Triage Accuracy
  • Pre-order Required Parts
  • Minimal set up and training required
  • Image capture capability for supplementary damage
  • Efficient in repair image best practise, capture Images for all stages of the repair and evidence the accuracy of the assessment
  • Shorter Key-to-Key Times
  • Faster Workflow Processing
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Save costs on mobile estimating
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Autocrash UK

This is set to become a vital part of our estimating business.

Read the full story from Autocrash here:


Image Capture features

Additional Customisation

Additional customisation is also available where required and can include: SMS text amends, styling and colour amends and much more. (Additional charges apply)


Seamlessly integrated to Audaenterprisegold. All images sent back to your existing assessments.


Compatible with tablet and mobile devices. With no download required for the Image Capture web portal.

Image Comments

The user can add a comment against each image provided to give more detail and improve accuracy.

Image Search

Search for received images in the web application or directly through Audaenterprisegold.

Image Notification

Upon receipt of images an email notification is sent to alert the user that images have been provided.

SMS reminder

A free SMS reminder is sent to the customer 24 hours after the initial request if no images are received.


Add your own 11 character SMS send name and your company logo to the online portal.

Unlimited Users

No limits on user access, for those on your reception or shop floor.

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