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Smarter real-time decision support

RPM's highly configurable rules engine automates the assignment processes to determine the next best action either: auto-authorise, desk review or full review.

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RPM (Risk Profile Manager) enhances the repair authorisation process, allowing an insurer to accurately reflect their risk profile in the segmentation of estimates received from repairers. All insurers have different appetites for risk ranging from high levels of auto-authority to high levels of scrutiny through field based assessors. RPM ’s scoring engine operates across the risk spectrum and allows unique parameters to be configured by each insurer.


How does it work?

When an estimate is processed via RPM , that triggers the pre-defined rules, points are assigned. The sum of the points then dictates which risk band the repair falls into.

Over-ride rules can also be used to auto-segment a repair even if the sum of the points dictates a different outcome. This could be used, for high value vehicles or specific loss causes.


RPM allows insurers to define the rules on risk

Ultimately RPM gives insurers the power to define their risk appetite, and automate the allocation process. Defining what does and doesn’t require review, whilst determining the level of scrutiny that each case receives.
There are no restrictions on the number of rules that can be applied and functions such as ‘if, ‘and’, ‘or’ can be utilised.

Benefits at a glance

  • Avoid unnecessary engineer costs on
    low risk estimates
  • Identify high risk cases and reduce
    repair costs through a full review
  • Identify high risk total losses quickly
    and easily
  • Speed up the authorisation process
  • Increases the level of autoauthorisation
    while minimising leakage
  • Improves workflow and productivity
  • Ability to run different rules against
    certain makes/models, schemes, work
    providers or areas of the country
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RPM: Smarter real-time decision support

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RPM features


Fully customisable and configurable in an easy to use UI .

Configurable Rules Engine

Rules can be configured, tested and swapped as required in a sandbox environment before implementation.

Points Scoring Engine

The points scoring engine allows automatic authorisation of repairs that fall within acceptable parameters.

Real-time Evaluation

Allows for real-time evaluation of new settings to determine how any changes will impact the ‘review’ or ‘fast-track’ decision.

Real Time Rule Management

Rules can be tweaked in real time and tested in order to help manage capacity.

Set Your Parameters

Set certain parameters to always pass or always fail, e.g.: ‘always pass’ if the cost of repair is under £150 or ‘always fail’ if there is a carbon fibre repair.

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