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25 Oct @ 09:25 am

Covéa Insurance enhances its customer service offering with Audatex

Audatex’s Repair Allocation Manager locates manufacturer repairers across Audatex’s UK-wide network

Trusted global technology partner and data provider to the insurance industry, Audatex, today announces motor insurance provider, Covéa Insurance, as its partner in the development and use of its new First Notice of Loss (FNOL), Repair Allocation Manager (RAM) technology.

RAM utilises Google Maps to locate manufacturer-approved repairers in a customer’s immediate vicinity, seamlessly facilitating the use of Audatex’s UK-wide repair networks, all within an easy-to-use platform.

Already highly commended in two leading awards in 2017, Audatex’s RAM technology updates available and suitable repairers for customers in real-time, while also providing the distance and travel time to the selected bodyshop. This enables Covéa Insurance to extend its own repair options to its customers when arranging vehicle repairs, which is particularly useful when facilitating the repair of vehicles with specialist technology, bodywork or paint finishes.

As a leading provider of motor insurance, Covéa Insurance has integrated RAM into its back-office systems, enabling it to automatically track the progress of every claim from start to finish. As a result, the overall customer experience is vastly improved, allowing streamlining of repair work allocation between Covéa Insurance, and its network of bodyshops.

Alastair Sherwin, Manager, Claims Motor Engineers at Covéa Insurance, comments: “At Covéa Insurance we put our customers first and are committed to continually evolving our processes to ensure that we are meeting the customer’s needs, every step of the way. RAM is the latest in a series of these strategic developments with Audatex.”

Sherwin continued: “With RAM, we have significantly enhanced the flexibility and transparency in our claims process, improving the service we offer for our customers, whilst also facilitating greater control of costs.”

David Shepherd, Managing Director at Audatex UKSA, added: “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Covéa Insurance and the roll-out of our innovative Repair Allocation Manager technology. A first in the insurance industry, RAM provides another level of product personalisation for Covéa Insurance to offer its customers, while future-proofing its own systems to ensure it continues to lead the way in providing an exceptional level of service, both now and in the future.”

    25 Oct @ 09:25 am
    This is a really great development from a customer's point of view, I am much more comfortable tracking the repair of my car via an online portal when I'm sitting at my desk at work rather than having to phone up and continually get the engaged tone or be put on hold. Enter your response here
    25 Oct @ 09:25 am
    Hello. Thanks for this info! Really enjoyed reading this page.
    Dan Smith
    25 Oct @ 09:25 am
    Brilliant Q&A! Really informative. Fantastic panel throughout actually!
    Rachel Pattison
    25 Oct @ 09:25 am
    I'll be sure to have this on in the background whilst cooking my Spag Bol! It's great to see Solera partnering up with an amazing digital leader, taking an active role with this issue.

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