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Insurers and Engineers

Control costs, increase efficiency and productivity with our industry-leading motor claims management solutions.


Foster brand loyalty by empowering the customer and providing the highest standards of service throughout the claims process.

Benefits at a glance

  • Efficiency – provided through a complete end-to-end claims journey
  • Empowered customers, self-serve and shortened claims lifecycles
  • Reduced key-to-key time – increases productivity and data accuracy and shortens claim management time
  • Consistency – across pricing and repair assessments
  • Smarter and cost-effective repair allocation
  • Seamless integration with back office systems
  • Save time through automatic data updates
  • Better planning and resourcing – enabled through consistent and clear management information on repair costs
  • Enhanced dispute resolution – the information you need, where and when you need it in order to deal with claim disputes effectively and efficiently
  • Cost savings and lower settlement amounts as a result of more proactive claim management
  • Eliminates late payment charges and legal fees
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Control claims costs, mitigate risk and deliver a unique and exceptional customer service from First Notification of Loss to the end of the claims process. Audatex claims management solutions have been designed to support you every step of the way, enabling clear and timely communication, reducing delays and the need for customer call backs saving valuable time and helping to improve staff performance and productivity. Our self-serve solutions empower the customer to build brand loyalty and ultimately drive operational efficiencies throughout the claims process by dealing with claims faster and more accurately.

Related Solutions

  • Audit damage assessments accurately and automatically to ensure compliance.

    • Proactive auditing of assessments
    • Efficiency gains
    • Speeds up the approvals process
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  • Integrate back office and third party systems and applications with our centralised data repository.

    • Total efficiency
    • Greater control
    • Eliminate errors
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  • CHOX is a web platform for exchanging services between CHOs (Credit Hire Organisations) and insurers.

    • Effective claim dispute management
    • Eliminate late payment & legal fees
    • Industry standard fraud checks
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  • Audainvoice is used by both Insurers and Repairers to manage the processing and payment of invoices.

    • Improve cashflow
    • Greater efficiency
    • Paperless
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  • AudaQuantex is driving efficiency, accuracy and visibility through the claims process.

    • Match claims and liability
    • Shorten claim lifecycle
    • Increase customer satisfaction
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  • Audatarget leverages the power of data to predict next best actions in the motor claims workflow.

    • Ad-hoc reporting
    • Repairer and Assessor dashboards
    • Bespoke reports
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  • Seamless Claims Settlement with MVM. Part of the AudaTarget solutions suite.

    • Mileage Adjusted Valuation
    • Integrated HPI Check
    • PDF Report Export
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  • Enhance the repair authorisation process, offer estimate decision support, combat fraud & safer repairs.

    • Speed up authorisation process
    • Improve workflow & productivity
    • Ensure safe repair
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