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Simplify Bodyshop management tasks with real-time visibility of all operations

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Customer Self-Service Portal

The ability to book an appointment online is now a standard customer expectation. The new Customer Self-service Portal from PlanManager allows your customers to do just that.
Through the simple to use online portal, a customer can book-in for an estimate, a repair or check-in live on the status of their repair, at a time that suits them. For any new appointment the booking calendar will present the customer with dates and times based for on your sites current availability. As soon as the customer books and confirms an appointment time a new job will appear directly in PlanManager. Meaning there is no additional admin effort needed from your customer service team. Contact us to find out more.

Seamless Efficiency

However large or small your operation, PlanManager helps drive a more profitable business by increasing throughput. Our digital first, multi-device management system can be customised to enhance all existing repair processes.

On average our PlanManager customers are seeing:

  • 10% Increase in technician utilisation
  • 60 mins Administration time saved per claim
  • 1.5 Additional labour hours sold per claim

PlanManager brings benefits from notification to invoice:

With a high level of integration to Audaenterprisegold, PlanManager simplifies management tasks while streamlining the flow of work and information, with real-time visibility into operations.  

PlanManager’s communication tools provide an enhanced customer journey via multiple digital touch-points throughout the repair process. Ensuring workshops are run more efficiently, and effortless administrative workflows deliver improved customer satisfaction but also greater staff engagement.   

  • Centrally manage and progress a claim through the repair cycle regardless of the vehicle and its location
  • Improve key-to-key times by predicting completion dates bases on the actual availability and live competency/velocity of your technicians
  • Improve customer, insurer and supplier communication with built in emailing, 2-way SMS service and NPS surveys
  • Multi-device compatible, fully electronic/ paperless
  • Safe, secure data – entirely web-based, so no hardware required
  • Ensure courtesy cars are optimally utilised
  • Improved Image management to ensure the entire repair process is tracked to better manage costs and sales
  • Create a uniform and consistent experience for users and customers
  • Deliver high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Improve internal collaboration through live data reporting and built in chat function
  • Enhanced accounting process with multiple accounting package links
  • Global support and development team
  • Self managed permissions, locations and users means the shop can enable new modules, create new locations and edit users
  • NEW: Client self serve portal allows customers to chose a collection and delivery date/time that suits them, provide images and receive status updates all without the interaction of a user in the shop
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  • “Our integration of Audatex’s PlanManager solution has accelerated us towards a new level of digital management for the vehicle repair industry. Enabling increased efficiency and reduced key-to-key times, PlanManager helps us to achieve a cleaner, paperless future and deliver an exceptional service to our customers, every time”

    Jamie Smithyes Managing Director of Artis Accident Care


PlanManager features

Courtesy car event & cost administration

Multi-site operation, Cloud based, Global support

Integration with Audaenterprisegold

Customer self-serve portal, live booking and updates

Customisation, self-manageable and configurable

Reception app - Satisfaction surveys and event driven checklists

Workshop app - automatic updates & technician status

Inspector app - mobile working, fast image capture

2 way SMS, Status driven updates

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